Low Commission Real Estate Agents


When individuals want to sell their homes, they have three options to choose from.  They can choose to market the home on their own, which is for sale by owner.  They can also choose to use one of the many low commission real estate agents, or they can choose to use a high end real estate agent.  There are benefits and pitfalls to each method of selling your home, but since most Brampton area residents choose to use an agent, let’s take a look at this method and Brampton low commission real estate agents.


All real estate agents charge a commission.  On average the commission is between 2% and 6%, depending on the agent.  This commission is split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent if there is one, otherwise the seller’s agent receives the entire commission.  Most Brampton low commission real estate agents charge between 1% and 4%, and is why they are more popular with sellers.


One must be careful when choosing an agent, whether you are choosing a traditional agent or a lower commission one.  You should always interview three or four agents and mix them up between traditional and discount agents so you can compare their services and fees.  You should ask them how your home will be marketed and if there are any additional fees if marketed on another listing service.  You should find out if there are any responsibilities that will rest on your shoulders such as showing the home or screening the buyers.  Many low commission real estate agents will put more responsibility on the seller, but not all of them will do this.


There are many Brampton low commission real estate agents available that supply a very comparable service to those traditional agents.  If you do some research and interviewing you can find that some of the low commission real estate agents in the Brampton area provide services such as taking professional pictures and put together a virtual tour of the home, opposed to a slideshow, place a lockbox and “For Sale” sign on the home, plus list the home with local agents and buyer database.  They also handle booking all showings and show the home themselves.


It’s a personal choice, choosing between traditional or low commission real estate agents.  Making the right choice however, could be the difference between handing out thousands of dollars or putting thousands into your own pocket.

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